The lodge work day will take place at Camp Sam Hatcher on 17 February beginning at 9 am.

Here is the work list:

Clean out old quartermaster building

Clean out from underneath shelter around quartermaster area

Dig out from around all water shut offs and bury shut off boxes. Paint box lids blue.
(We already have the boxes. Paint donated by Chris General Maintenance)

Clean up old campfire circle and weed eat. Also weed eat around pirate ship, quartermaster buildings, and any other areas that need to be trimmed.

Paint both gates into Camp Sam Hatcher
(Paint and brushes donated by Chris General Maintenance)

Tear down old metal slide gate that is broken at Eckerd Drive.

Pressure wash wooden fence and brick pillars at entrance to Eckerd Dr

Pack up old school books in admin building to give to autism society – coordinate delivery with Brian Fetzer. (I have started collecting boxes, may want to ask people to bring some more)

Remove all old posts, signs, hitching posts, mailboxes, etc from Old Eckerd side.
(I will have them marked with flagging tape)

Finish removing toilets, pvc, and useable materials from old Eckerd campsite buildings by quartermaster area.
(We can store these items in case any ECC property might need them)

Start cleaning out old Eckerd shower house for future improvements.

Materials/tools needed:

Extra shovels (have some here)
Weed eaters
Pressure washer and water hoses
More Boxes to pack up books
Gas and/or oil for weed eaters and pressure washer
Sledge hammers, etc to break up floor in old Eckerd shower house to find leak