Event Chapter Responsibilities

To prevent some issues that occurred during the March Ordeal regarding meal clean-up, chapters responsible for cleaning up after meals need to check out with Hunter Hairston, Lodge VC of Service, before leaving the Dining Hall.

The Chapter Responsibilities for the year are as follows:

Responsibility May October November
Friday Night Cracker Barrel Toisnot Tearora Tau
First Two Meals Set-Up/Clean-Up Tearora Tau Arapahoe
Second Two Meals Set-Up/Clean-Up Tau Arapahoe Natsihi
Saturday Night Cracker Barrel Arapahoe Natsihi Coree
ECM Clean-Up Natsihi Coree Wiccacon
Garbage/Recycling Coree Wiccacon Neusiok
Shower House Wiccacon Neusiok Tanugahi
Reception Center Neusiok Tanugahi Toisnot
Hodges Building Tanugahi Toisnot Tearora