October Ordeal Registration

As you know we have converted all ordeal candidates over to registering on Tentaroo.   We have encouraged lodge members to use this also to register for the ordeal to help with getting a better head count for the weekend and to make check in faster.  Currently it is not required for lodge members to register on line but it is a big help if you do.  We are still working the bugs out with council on this so if have trouble you can still attend the weekend if you did not sign up online you just have to register and pay on Friday night at the reception center.  Like we always have done for prior ordeals .   No one will be turned away from the weekend if they do not sign up on line.  If you have a candidate that is has a problem please get there contact info to myself or Joe Edwards prior to there check in on Friday. Please be safe driving to camp because there are still road closing in the area.


Harvey Hoopes III
Lodge Advisor