Available Training Opportunities

There are several training opportunities coming up in the next few months. One of my goals for 2016 and forward is to help Arrowman in the lodge get additional training. The lodge will help cover some of those expenses on a limited basis.
The first one is the SR7B LIFT training at Camp Durant on Friday February 19th and 20th. We have room for 10 more people to go at a cost of $10 each but I need to know by January 29th.  Anyone interested needs to e-mail Mr. Hoopes at harveyhoopes@gmail.com if they want to go to sign up for this training.
Prism is the event at the Summit during the summer.  For any interested individuals the cost of this is $180 and the lodge will pay ½ of that but members will have to find their own transportation. There are 8 spots for this and 2 have been taken.  The deadline to sign up for this is February 5th.  Anyone interested needs to contact Brandon to get the sign up information and this has to be done ASAP.
Southern Region NLS / NLATS cost $210 on April 1st – 3rd at Haw River State Park, Browns Summit, NC.  We have spots for 6 youth and 2 adults. The lodge with cover ½ that cost.  The sign up deadline is March 18th.  We have already had 2 youth sign up for this. Signups are online but they need to contact Mr. Hoopes to let him know they have signed up to get the help on the fee.