January 2016

A new year brings new beginnings.  We started off the new year enthusiastically kicking off LLD on Friday night.  Saturday brought great trainings not only for current Lodge and Chapter leaders but for future prospective leaders as well.  There were a total of 50 youth and adult participants for the weekend.  Looking forward to the year as we approach our largest Lodge event (Spring Ordeal) and Section event (Host Conclave).   Our first Executive Committee Meeting was held Saturday afternoon with excellent turnout.  Discussion of our yearly calendar along with the need for additional work days for Conclave was a large topic.  These dates will be sent out shortly.  There is still a need for staff in many areas.  Look for a follow-up post soon to see openings.  This is a very large and eventful year for Croatan Lodge and we want to make it a memorable one for ourselves and our guests.  Get the word out that all members need to renew their dues and come reconnect with friends and brothers at this years events.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at our next Lodge event.