Fall Kickoff

The summer is over and we are back into the swing of things.  The Lodge started off the fall with a great turnout at the Fall Ordeal.  We inducted 22 new members, saw 9 more seal their membership with the brotherhood honor and had a total of 137 members in attendance.  There was much to do after Hurricane Matthew left us with a few extra trees laying around camp but everyone came together to put a large dent in the clean-up.  Other projects such as replacing cut wires, renovating and cleaning buildings as well as finish projects were undertaken as well.  Speaking of projects the new Chapel kit has arrived at camp and construction is to begin shortly.  Hopefully there will be another new structure up and usable by the new year.  We were also fortunate enough to be able to utilize the new Hodges Training Center for the first time during our events.  This is a great addition to our camp that will be well utilized in the years to come.  If you are in the new building please help to keep it looking good and new.  Even though the weekend ended we were able to look forward to our next great weekend.  Fall Fellowship is right around the corner on Nov. 18th – 20th.  We hope to see everyone there.